Saturday, January 7, 2012

Siku,The polar bear star after his video got contagious

Just because you’re furry and impossibly cute, doesn’t necessarily mean you can get away with being rude. But try telling that to Siku the baby polar bear.
The cub won thousands of fans when video of him stretching and wriggling in delight as he was tickled by keepers was released on the internet before Christmas.
He certainly seems relaxed about his superstar status, as he poses for these pictures.
His online fame resembles that enjoyed by polar bear Knut, who became a celebrity at Berlin zoo after his mother rejected him in 2007.

I'm Exhausted:Li'l Siku taking a Nap!!

Knut died on March 19 in front of hundreds of visitors to Berlin zoo after collapsing and falling into the water in his enclosure.

Happy to play: Tiny Siku has paws in the air as he's lying on a table
The four-year-old polar bear was suffering from encephalitis - swelling of the brain - and drowned after he fell into the pool.
Not in Mood:Siku shut his eyes closed as camera flashes.


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