Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Amanda Seyfried watched porn to prepare for film role

sexy Amanda Seyfried watched porn
Image Courtesy-Esquire Magazine

Amanda Seyfried has revealed that she engaged in some unusual preparation to portray porn star Linda Lovelace in an upcoming biopic.

Seyfried told the Sun newspaper she watched Lovelace’s adult movies, including her famous role in the 1972 porn film Deep Throat.

The 27-year-old actress even re-enacted scenes from the film.
“It’s just so fabricated and just weird and unnatural,” she said.

“They’re so funny. It’s the funniest movie.”

Seyfried has also told Vanity Fair magazine she held up a shoot during filming because she was laughing too much, when she was required to simulate a sex act on a popsicle.

“I was laughing hysterically throughout. I couldn’t stop laughing,” she said. 

Miley Cyrus dances with topless stripper in shocking concert

Miley Cyrus topless stripper

Miley Cyrus has shocked her fans by performing with a topless stripper at a Christmas concert.

More than three years after Cyrus, then 16, straddled a stripper pole at the Teen Choice Awards, the controversial prop was up at Borgore`s "Christmas Creampies" December 9 concert in Hollywood, accompanied by an actual, topless stripper.

As a guest performer at the dub step star`s show, the 20-year-old `Hannah Montana` actress sang and strutted alongside the dancer who was wearing just a thong and pasties.

Sporting her now-familiar blonde, punk pixie `do, the "Can`t Be Tamed" singer wore a tiny top with strategically placed cutout revealing her cleavage, a gold body chain, tight leather pants and knee-high leopard-print boots.

At another point in the performance, Cyrus appeared to nearly make out -- or at least get very up-close-and-personal with -- a male performer onstage.

Cyrus has collaborated with Israeli-born Borgore on his new single "Decisions" and appeared in the video with a porn star, Jessie Andrews.

As for her own ever-evolving sound, Cyrus` fourth studio album is out in 2013, and features collaborations with hip-hop mega-producer Pharrell Williams, rapper Mac Miller and others. 

Court date set for Kim Kardashian`s divorce

sexy Kim Kardashian naked

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and ex-husband Kris Humphries have reportedly been assigned a court date in February to continue with their divorce proceedings.

The `Keeping Up With The Kardashians` star`s wedding to Humphries lasted just 72 days in 2011 but they are still legally married because the estranged cannot agree on how to proceed, reported Hollywood Life.

"Kim and Kris will both meet in the courtroom in February to continue their divorce proceedings. (Kim and Kris are) both stubborn and they won`t end it because they both want to prove their point," a source said.

Meanwhile, Kardashian`s boyfriend Kanye West is said to be tired of the prolonged divorce as he is desperate to marry the star.

"The only thing he wants to give Kim for Christmas he can`t... He wants her to be free from this dude. It`s been going on way too long and he hates this. Really son, you don`t understand how much he despises him. He hates this dude with a passion. He is crazy when it comes to this and rightfully so. He gave her the world already, so now he`s got to get her the entire planet," the source added. 

Harry Styles goes gift hunting for Taylor Swift

Harry Styles goes gift hunting for Taylor Swift  cityonbuzz

Singer Harry Styles is reportedly looking for perfect birthday gift for rumoured girlfriend Taylor Swift.

Styles, 19, wants to present a beautiful piece of jewellery to Taylor, who turns 23 on Dec 13.

"Harry`s been on the phone to leading Los Angeles jeweller Robert Procop, who designed Angelina Jolie`s engagement ring," dailystar.co.uk quoted a source as saying.

"He`s been asking advice on what pieces can be made, or what are already available that would suit Taylor," source added.

Styles, who is member of band One Direction wants the gift to be perfect.

"Harry doesn`t want anything too over the top or too ostentatious. But he`s happy to splash the cash on a nice ring, not an engagement ring or anything silly like that. He`s looking for something traditional," the source added.

Lea Michele calls her breasts `prizewinners`

Lea Michele calls her breasts `prizewinners`  cityonbuzz

Lea Michele boasts about her tendency to don cleavage-baring ensembles on the red carpet, admitting that it took some time during her transition from Broadway star to up-and-coming Hollywood actress before she felt comfortable enough to show off her assets.

Now that the ‘Glee’ star has found her footing in Hollywood, the actress is much more comfortable with getting things off her chest.

“These babies are great. They are my prizewinners,” the New York Daily News quoted her as telling Marie Claire magazine.

“For a while they were out and about, showing off on Broadway every night, then they came to LA and were like, ‘No one else looks like me here!’

“They were nervous to make their appearance but feel they’ve earned their place. So they asked if they could come out, and I was like, ‘All right, you guys.’ They definitely rose to the occasion, so I’m going to continue to give them more opportunities,” she said.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The lack of sexual lust in women

40% of women between the age of 30 and 45, and 86% of women after the age of 60 lose sexual desire. More and more frequently younger women suffer from the lack of sexual lust because of personal overload and hormonal changes.
Though libido in women frequently falls due to mental causes, hormone imbalance can also cause the lack of sexual lust. Already a small amount of the male hormone testosterone can help a woman relive a pleasurable and full sex life she had before.
‘Many women consider the lack of sexual lust as something that simply cannot be changed, which causes them a lot of suffering,’ says one of many gynaecologists specialists. ‘They know not there are many ways to solve the problem.’

There are numerous causes

Women frequently lose sexual lust due to ovary operation as it can happen that the male hormone testosterone is no longer secreted due to the peripheral nervous system disorders. Lack of sexual lust can also be due to some medication treatments, anxiety, depression, chemotherapy, thyroid gland problems or relationship problems.

Due to lack of sexual lust a relationship suffers too

Loss of sexual lust in women is accompanied by bad mood, exhaustion and long-lasting sadness. Having no desire for sex, women avoid the closeness of their partner and keep to themselves. Long-lasting retreat can threaten the relationship since the partners being distressed and estranged find no solution for their problem. It is important they talk honestly to each other and find the true cause for the situation with the help of a therapist.

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