Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Have You Ever Heard of Vanilla Sex?

Find out all about vanilla sex. Does it involve the use of vanilla syrups?

What kind of intercourse is vanilla sex?
Vanilla sex is a very popular, but not a difficult sexual practice. Many people are ashamed of the fact that they enjoy it the most. The word vanilla is mostly used with a negative connotation, although this is in fact completely unnecessary.

The word vanilla describes the most conventional and socially acceptable sexual practices, where the basic components of lovemaking are kissing and the emotional bond, and the basic position is, of course, the missionary position. We could talk about the basic form of making love

The followers of vanilla sex like clean bodies in clean underwear. They don’t like to be dirty during their sexual intercourse. For example, they avoid strong sexual smells, sex toys, fetishes, perverse fantasies, spanking or piercing one`s body. In different social and cultural environments, vanilla sex of course takes different forms.

Why such a sweet name?
There are several reasons why the term is vanilla sex. According to one theory, the origin of the expression vanilla sex refers to vanilla extract used to produce the basic and most common taste of ice cream. According to another theory, the term vanilla sex is based on the image of sexual intercourse of two white people - supposing that they are less adventurous, less kinky, daring and promiscuous, perhaps also due to their lack of knowledge of other cultures. The synonym used to describe this type of sexual practice is bambi sex.

Why does vanilla sex have a negative connotation?
Vanilla definitely doesn’t define something that everyone wants; on the contrary. Today, there’s an abundant supply of all possible things to arouse one’s curiosity and convince them to try everything. However, many people forget the basics, never learn them and thus find them boring. Is sex without sex toys, the third participant, bondage or urine, still sex? What is there left? Average, boring sex? No, vanilla sex!

Vanilla sex doesn’t mean average sex. It can be as explosive and steamy as any other kind of sex. Vanilla simply means sex freed from all (unnecessary?) baggage. Every now and then everyone likes to return to good old vanilla.


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