Sunday, December 18, 2011

Spouse, partner swapping - Would You Do It?

Partners who usually decide to exchange partners are bored in their long-lasting relationships.

The rules of wife swapping have to be clear as well as the emotional stability of all participants.

Exchange of partners, also know as wife swapping, is often practiced by mature partners who have already tried all sexual techniques as well as some `perversities`, but are still sexually bored. Except the slight surfeit of experiences, these couples seem to be completely happy together.

From conversation to action
But they started thinking of exchanging partners and discussed the matter. However, such a conversation confuses and upsets many people.

And one day such a happy couple invites another couple to dinner and their way of thinking match. They’re all happy in their relationships and know one another for a long time. After an excellent dinner and some wine the debate grows into dance. The host’s wife dances with the friend’s husband and the host dances with the friend’s wife. There’s no harm in that...

When wife swapping begins
The atmosphere is adapted to the situation – dimmed, warm, yellowish light and candles only. While dancing slowly, their bodies and faces start touching and their hands are all over each other...

Suddenly, there’s only one couple dancing in the room, while the other discreetly withdraws to another room. There’s probably no need to explain what is going on. When the other couple notices that, they don’t hesitate for long. What is going through your mind when you see a man and woman having sex a few feet from you? Your thoughts are sexual, of course. This scenario is the first step to the exchange of partners.

Do couples meet on a regular basis?
The couples described above will meet again sooner or later. Maybe they’ll also meet other couples. Sometimes wife swapping will be spontaneous and sometimes it’ll be planned ahead. With wife swapping, both couples have to be intimate. Such a game has nothing in common with group intercourse, exhibitionism and voyeurism. It’s an honest, tender and sensual relationship where nobody is cheated.

There’s no point without intimacy
These occasional encounters cannot be defined as perverse, since they involve stable partners who remain in a relationship. The situation is entirely different if couples seek a solution for dying love in wife swapping, and at the same time, hope to experience something new and unknown.

An advertisement is placed in a newspaper under the dating section, photographs are exchanged, a couple is selected and a meeting is arranged. Sometimes they go to the arranged place by car and communicate with the other couple on the basis of an agreed light signals. Then they go to the apartment of one of the couples or to a hotel.

This form of exchanging partners with complete strangers often leaves people dissatisfied, perhaps even disgusted. Similar to seeing a prostitute. The saying goes that it’s no use in having “love without love”. 


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