Thursday, December 15, 2011

`Serial kisser` Emraan Hashmi shies away from condoms!

Emraan Hashmi might be Bollywood’s ‘serial kisser’ but he is very much unlike his screen self in real life. The actor was flooded with offers to promote a condom brand and was reportedly offered a handsome deal as compensation. 

However, the actor refused to endorse their product. The irresistible pay too couldn’t convince him to give a nod in approval.

Talking about why he refused to promote condoms, Emraan to a daily said, “There were a lot of reasons why I said no! I don`t want to endorse anything or be a part of a campaign that`s overtly sexual in nature. A condom advertisement would leave a certain impact on the audience. Also it was for a long period of two years. The success of `The Dirty Picture` has proved that the audience is ready to accept me in a different light. Playing a prude was a risk that played off and now I want to expand my horizon and take on more interesting characters. Doing such an ad would only amplify the image I am trying to move away from.”

The actor who is very popular for his love making scenes and lip-locks is now keen to get an image makeover done.

”As an actor, I am open to all kinds of roles. But at this point, I want to experiment and take on roles with different shades. That`s the only reason I have said no to the condom campaign,” Emraan said.

Looks like Emraan has had enough of hugs-n-kisses! 


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