Sunday, June 5, 2011

Akshay promises plenty of ‘torture’ in KKK4


We just hope that it’s only for the participants, not us viewers!

Akshay Kumar is back on Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi and its makers are trying hard to ensure its success, what with Season 3 hosted by his old foe Priyanka Chopra not doing very well. (Now that he’s back, can he beat his pretty-lady rival with higher TRPs? Maybe, but that’s beyond the point anyway.) I heard that they have set this season in Africa, with never-seen-before stunts with wild animals, and some where they have eliminated the cables for support. They have even gone ahead and decided not to call this just Season 4 – rather, it has been titled Torchaar (get it?). And everyone – including Akshay – is assuring us that it will be full of ‘torture’ and ‘atyachaar’. Now, I love Akshay and, for his sake, I can only hope that you guys don’t take these adjectives to heart and associate them with the show, the way you did with his films. Remember the torturous Tees Maar Khan and the ‘atyachaari‘ Patiala House? With even MasterChef flopping, Akshay’s career is in a precarious state. If he hopes to revive it by going back to doing what he does best – action – then he should make sure that watching KKK is not a torture for his fans. What d’you say to that, Akki?


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