Saturday, January 14, 2012

Want to know if your partner is really in love with you?

To make sure that your partner really loves you, you don`t need him to say the word ``I love you``. Check out the signs that will tell you!

His actions are a clear sign that he really loves you.

He loves you if he remembers the little things
If your partner has difficulties expressing his feelings then he definitely shows you his affection in other, non-verbal ways. One of the signs that he really loves you is also the fact that he remembers all the little things that you forgot a long time ago. For example, your favorite color or movie, the things you said on your first date, what you want to have for your birthday and the things you told him about your childhood. 

He loves you if he shows interest in people that are important to you
The fact that he listens to boring stories of your co-workers shows that he really loves you. He makes an effort in the company of your friends and finds something to talk about with everyone. He attends the birthday parties of people that are important to you. If he wasn`t interested to stay with you in the long run he wouldn`t take part in such things and he would avoid them. 

He loves you if he organizes spontaneous surprises for you 
You partner can also show you he loves you by preparing spontaneous surprises which make you happy. For example, little gifts or attention for no special reason. He also sends you spontaneous messages that brighten up your day and let you know that he is thinking of you. Maybe he even organizes short trips, dinners, massages and relaxing baths.

He loves you if he is there when you need him
When he is ready to put his things aside for a moment and concentrate on you when you need him, then this is a big sign that he respects and supports you. It also means that he is always at the right place at the right time.

He loves you if he is ready for compromise 
This is a big sign that you are important to him. An honest conversation about your wishes is always welcome and if your partner takes your wishes into account then he is more than ready for a healthy relationship. The same goes for you.

He loves you if you can always count on him 
If you know you can count on him whatever happens then you know he really loves you. You know he would do anything to make you happy and you do not actually need him to say `I love you` anymore.


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