Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A test for couples: How sexually compatible are you?

This simple compatibility test will reveal to you the hidden sides of your sexual life as a couple. Are you ready for the truth? How sexually compatible are you?

How to tackle this task together?

It`s simple. All you two need is a piece of paper and a pen. Below you will find 21 statements that are put into separate clusters on purpose. You should write down the number of each statement and the degree of how much it describes you or applies to you - from 1 to 5, according to the following scale:

1 – I absolutely don`t agree

2 – I don`t agree

3 – Maybe

4 – I agree

5 – I absolutely agree

Let`s start!

1. I can reveal my sexual fantasies to my partner.

2. My partner is very attentive to my wishes when it comes to sex.

3. I think I pay sufficient attention to my partner`s sexual needs.

4. I enjoy receiving oral intercourse.

5. I enjoy giving oral intercourse.

6. I consider oral intercourse to be a very important part of sex.

7. I believe it of crucial importance that my partner reaches orgasm during intercourse.

8. I believe it of crucial importance that I experience orgasm during intercourse.

9. I enjoy receiving analingus.

10. I enjoy giving analingus.

11. I would like to experience more analingus.

12. I love anal intercourse.

13. We practice just enough anal intercourse.

14. I miss more sexual positions in our sex life.

15. We indulge in a broad enough range of various sexual practices/activities.

16. I would like to introduce more novelties into our sex life.

17. I am aroused by sex in public places and other forms of audacity during intercourse.

18. I prefer more conventional sex in the privacy of our bedroom.

19. There`s still a lot of passion and sexual desire between me and my partner.

20. I enjoy sex every time we have it.

21. My partner doesn`t miss anything in our sex life.

Now that you have assessed for every statement how much it applies to you, you should compare your results. First, you should find out where on your sheets do your numbers (from 1 to 5) most differ and where are they most identical. Now analyse specific aspects of your sex life by clusters.

Statements from 1 to 3:

This part of the test shows how much you trust each other when it comes to the topic of sex and how relaxed you are when talking about your secret desires and fantasies. If your scores differ to a great extent, you should put a little more effort into this part of your relationship and improve your communication.

Statements from 4 to 6:

Here you can see your attitude towards oral intercourse. Oral sex is very intimate sexual practice that some couples find more important than others. It`s very important that you and your partner determine the role of particular sexual practices in your love life. This is one of the crucial indicators of your compatibility in bed.

Statements 7 and 8:

Here you can compare your attitudes toward your own and your partner`s orgasm. We cannot stress too much how important it is that both of your enjoy intercourse. This doesn`t necessarily mean an orgasm, as some women (and some men) in certain situations simply cannot experience orgasm.

Statements from 9 to 11:

Many couples find analingus repulsive and don`t even consider practicing it. However, if your and your partner`s scores differ very much here, you should perhaps talk about introducing analingus into your sex life. You may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of pleasure analingus can give you!

Statements 12 and 13:

Your responses to these two statements should make you think about your attitudes to anal sex. Increasingly more couples are willing to venture into this sexual practice, but if you feel like doing it too, the process should proceed without any pressure. And it`s up to the woman to decide whether she is curious enough or not.

Statements from 14 to 16:

You can see here whether you are wholly satisfied with the range of activities you have already tried in bed. If you`re both craving for something new, you only have to decide where to start!

Statements 17 and 18:

Nothing`s inherently wrong with vanilla sex and nobody would call you boring for liking it. Some people need more adrenalin in bed than others.

Statements from 19 to 21:

Your response to these statements reflects your general attitude towards sexuality. If your scores significantly differ, you aren`t exactly sexually compatible and should definitely talk.


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