Friday, January 27, 2012

Darling, another orgasm, please

Many women, if not all, can have multiple orgasms if they’re susceptible enough and want to continue after the first orgasm.

You can follow up an orgasm in at least two ways. Either you have intercourse or do some extra playing. This means that women who are really susceptible and fall into the category of “once and no more” are as rare as those kinds of men. Some women experience a constant chain of orgasms without a really great climax. 

What does the response depend upon?
The response is a refined mix of physiology, mood, culture and upbringing. It also matters if you’re with the man you want. It can’t be completely analysed. So, if you can get to one really intense climax, you could probably have more if you continued. The main exceptions are women who are gentle and tire easily, or the ones who would rather enjoy some intense relaxation after each orgasm than go to the next type of stimulation.

It’s more difficult with men
With men, the matter is more complicated. Some experience six or more complete orgasms in a few hours if they have the time and if they don’t attempt it every day. Others can’t have a second erection for a while. It pays to measure the time at the beginning. It may be shorter than you think. Nobody knows if it’s acceptable – or if the individual differences depend on physical or psychological factors, even though many men who have talked about how sexuality is exhausting have undoubtedly performed worse than they could have.

Does a man even care about the number of orgasms? 
It sounds unusual, but a man really doesn’t care about the number of orgasms. Most men can have a second one an hour after intercourse with a slow hand job and a third one if they stimulate themselves. It’s more about the ability of holding your orgasm as much as you want, or that you continue soon after the orgasm, even if you don’t come the second time. If you can’t do that, then you can’t fully enjoy a woman in intercourse without any additional techniques.

Many lovers don’t even try but switch techniques and preserve their strength – but that’s not the same thing, unless you manage to come almost together, if not simultaneously.

Are you able to prolong it? 
The ability to prolong and repeat is especially important with many men who have problems with being too fast. Don’t allow your worries about that to make you worry even more. This isn’t in the least important if you manage to get an erection in the next half hour – you can do many other things while you wait.

Take matters into your own hands
In situations when you want to feel another erection but can’t, for one reason or another, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands. There are a lot of technical details, however, the worst thing you can do is show disappointment. In this case, you’re over for the night, maybe forever. Make it hard yourself with your hand and mouth. Tell him what you’re planning to do when you’re not in bed: tell him you want to see him hard again, otherwise it will look like you weren’t satisfied, so he’ll feel guilty and tune out.

Leave him alone right after the orgasm
Right after a complete orgasm, some men can’t stand any genital stimulation – they experience it as intense pain. If your man is like that, give him half an hour or more. If he doesn’t mind, you should know that most women can be penetrated with just a semi erection if you do them from behind and when they lie on their side. And what happens? After such a start, a full erection usually follows.

When the man is tired
Some men can’t have an erection when they’re tired, but they can ejaculate if you get to work with your hands or mouth. Others have an erection that can last for an unlimited period and don’t have an orgasm. Men of this kind – slow – are sexual athletes. Whether this is something you can nurture consciously isn’t clear, but lots of intercourse and masturbation practice where you prolong your climax helps. Those who are too fast usually don’t have enough intercourse. So, for a start, it’s worth considering that quality intercourse isn’t all that self-evident.


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