Friday, December 9, 2011

Will Pooja Misrra reveal Sunny Leone’s porn status?

Wild child Pooja Misrra is back in Bigg Boss house with a new game plan. Pooja, who made a wild card entry in ‘Bigg Boss’, is aware of Sunny Leone’s porn star status, while the latter is trying her best to keep a low profile in the controversial reality show.

Recently, Pooja approached Sunny and asked her to reveal her porn star status to other house mates. Pooja told Sunny that if she does not disclose her porn status, the inmates would be shocked to know her real self once they are ousted from the show.

Apparently, Sunny didn’t get nervous but still asked Pooja not to reveal her real self in Bigg Boss house.

Now the million dollar question is will Pooja keep Sunny’s porn status a secret or not? 


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