Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why are some women never able to achieve orgasm?

Psychogenic anorgasmia is the term used to describe a woman’s inability to achieve any form of orgasm with her partner.

With anorgasmia even clitoral stimulation doesn’t help
In the event of the most extreme form of psychogenic anorgasmia, even clitoral stimulation doesn’t help a woman to achieve an orgasm, either while masturbating or during sexual intercourse. To avoid any misunderstanding, we aren’t talking about a woman who’s shy and embarrassed, but a woman who experiments wih her body and is still unable to achieve the climax. Such a woman can’t sufficiently relax, has psychological hindrances and doesn’t enjoy having intercourse as she should. Naturally, the reasons aren’t superficial or caused by something that would happen over night. These are serious problems and the causes of anorgasmia derive from the woman`s past experiences.

Anorgasmia is often caused by a man
Anorgasmia involves psychological hindrances that don’t allow a woman to relax completely and indulge in sexual activities. Sexual intercourse in inappropriate circumstances, the fear of surprise or pregnancy, her partner’s sexual roughness, the woman’s dissatisfaction with his attitude towards her, the feeling that her partner neglects her and perhaps even his alcoholism are all possible reasons for anorgasmia. In other words, a woman’s inability to achieve an orgasm is often caused by her partner who doesn’t devote enough attention to his partner, show her tenderness and offer her all the things necessary for a satisfying sexual intercourse. A bad experience with one partner can be subconsciously transferred to a relationship with another partner, which means achieving an orgasm is doomed for failure from the start. One of the major causes are arguments and dissatisfaction outside the bed, which are pilling up and causing stress and a bad mood that leads to poor sexual life. At first, orgasms in such a relationship are rare and later they completely disappear.

Childhood traumas can cause anorgasmia
A person is the sum of experiences from his or her past. If a person’s past was problematic one way or another and has left permanent consequences, the present is therefore burdened with the past, which is reflected badly on the person’s sexual life. Women who are insecure because of bad experiences with an ex lover who, for instance, in a foolish way criticized her external appearance or had a young or attractive mistress and thus caused his partner permanent psychological consequences. It can also involve the so-called feeling of guilt towards the mother or submissiveness to the mother that makes a normal sexual life of an adult woman impossible as well.

Anorgasmia because of submissiveness to the mother
A woman suffering from submissiveness to her mother has serious problems with her partner in her relationship. She avoids love relationships, is burdened by the fear of men and is distrustful of sexual love. When deciding to get married, she is usually completely submissive to the will of her mother, neglects her husband, allows her mother to attack and slander him and she runs into her mother’s arms every time she and her husband have a argument, hence the term mommy’s little girl, that is, a woman who can’t make a decision without consulting her mother and becomes cold and defiant towards her husband for no reason. All that are the possible causes of anorgasmia and a woman is unable to enjoy in sexual activities and no longer achieves orgasms. The mother of such a woman also has bad experiences with the opposite sex and she therefore only instills the worst ideas about men into her daughter’s mind. If, however, the daughter starts enjoying her life and may nevertheless indulge in love, she has strong feelings of guilt because she defies her mother, which again plunges her to into the initial state.

Lack of sexual desire for her partner
One of the causes of psychogenic anorgasmia is also a lack of sexual desire for the partner. Maybe it appears because of distrust or just because he changed with age, neglected himself, started drinking, wasn’t attentive enough and was particularly egoistic in bed. Maybe the relationship faded after so many years because both partners didn’t nourish it, or maybe it’s the case of latent lesbian tendencies that a woman hides all her life and doesn’t dare to admit them. And what’s the solution? An urgent and immediate appointment with a sexologist or marriage counsellor and psychotherapy.


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