Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rashida Jones has no time for love

Rashida Jones says she has no plans to find a boyfriend any time soon as she is busy with her acting career.

"This is a little bit of a choice for me. My career is paramount at the moment. I`ve had a lot of luck in the past couple of years. And I want to be open to it and available to it," contactmusic.com quoted her as saying on the Piers Morgan show.

"And my career right now is very time consuming. And I like it that way. It`s good. I`m acting and I`m writing and it`s taking up a lot of my energy. I`m also... you know, I`m picky," she added.

‘The Social Network’ star also reveals she is unsure whether she would ever exchange wedding vows.

"I totally believe in romance and love and all that. But the actual institution of marriage... in this country (America), more than half the people get divorced. So something`s not working. I just don`t know if it works all together across-the-board," she said.


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