Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Imogen says she didn’t want media attention after Ryan Giggs fling

 Imogen Thomas has claimed that she didn’t want any attention following her alleged fling with Ryan Giggs.

Speaking at a celebrity “soapbox” event organised by Huffington Post UK today, the 29-year-old glamour model asserted that even celebrities deserved privacy in cases where they are dealing with bereavement or illness, and that she was “absolutely disgusted” when she heard about the phone hacking scandal.

“Personally as someone who has benefited form media exposure but who has also been on the receiving end of unwelcome and intrusive attention, I still do believe that celebrities deserve privacy in certain situations,” the Mirror quoted her as saying.

However, Thomas said that reality television stars did not deserve privacy, because “their life in the press is their career”.

Thomas is barred by a court injunction from talking about her affair with a married footballer, although the player was named in the House of Commons earlier this year as Manchester United star Giggs. 

The reality star, who is no stranger to scandal herself, will front an as-yet-untitled show for BBC3, which is about the biggest sex scandals to hit Brit newspapers since the 1960s. 


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