Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hugh Hefner ordered Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy re-shoot

Hugh Hefner has confirmed that Lindsay Lohan did indeed re-shoot her raunchy spread for Playboy magazine before her brief stint in jail as he was unhappy with the original images.

The Mean Girls star had posed for the nude photos in October, just before she was sentenced to 30 days behind bars. 

The actress was not taken into custody straight away and reports emerged suggesting the delay was due to a re-shoot commitment for Playboy.

“The pictorial and the concept for the pictorial came from me. She had done semi-nudes before. I wanted to do something that would be memorable,” the Daily Express quoted him as telling E! News.

“So what is more natural, since she is a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, than (to) do something that is a tribute to the red-velvet, Tom Kelley photo shot of Marilyn Monroe that was our very first Playmate?”

Hefner also admitted that Lohan’s team was wary of the star posing for the nude snaps. 

“I think it was essentially mama and the folks around her that kept pushing for less nudity. And I said, ‘We’re doing a nude pictorial here. We’re going to do it in a very classy way and we’re going to do it in a way in which it will not be forgotten,” he added. 


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