Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Here’s something for you guys. Learn how to approach the female crotch

Dear men, do you ever wonder if you’re doing anything wrong and if your lady is really enjoying herself during oral intercourse?

Be committed at what you’re doing
When you get to work on the female crotch with your tongue, you should definitely do it with feeling. If you’re doing this against your wishes and don’t show an ounce of enjoyment, then women are able to quickly pick this up. When you’re doing it with lots of commitment and for your own pleasure, we will enjoy what you’re doing that much more. You have to show your lady that you would do anything for her vagina. Adore it. Take its scent in with all your senses, observe it and enjoy its beauty before you apply your tongue to it. If she takes it away from your mouth, beg her that she put it back. Don’t be as quiet as a church mouse when licking it. Moan and let your darling hear that her body makes you feel like you’re in seventh heaven. Make her your queen. For God’s sake, don’t focus on just the magic button, but lick every drop of her delicious juices. Smear the scent of her vagina all over your face if necessary. Don’t hold back and worship her wonderful vagina in every way possible. Don’t open your mouth like a fish out of water, but kiss it passionately, put your tongue out and thoroughly enjoy it.

Plant yourself between her legs
Oral intercourse is most tiring when you’re both worried by the time spent on it. Let your partner know that this time is meant only for her and no one else. Tell her that she can take as much time as she wishes and that you’re available only for her from that moment on. Literally plant yourself between her thighs and don’t move anywhere until you give her at least one orgasm. Don’t be in a hurry, but take your time for your queen. Don’t be selfish and worry only about her needs this time. Your aroused penis can wait for a little while. Have intercourse only when she has an amazing orgasm. This way, you can give her another one with your penis.

Maybe some other position?
The times when oral intercourse meant your girl lying on her back while you’re stimulating her vagina with your tongue are over. Now it’s time to try out new positions because we women absolutely adore innovations in sex. This time, let her sit on your face and let her set the pace. Your only job is giving her your tongue. She can even turn on her side, while you put your head on her thigh. You can also perform oral intercourse so that she’s on all fours, while you focus on her crotch from behind. You should definitely be innovative and spontaneous, but leave the control to her. Let her position herself as she likes best.

Beads and fingers
Don’t let your tongue do all the work during oral intercourse. Walk to your nearest store with erotic accessories and buy the most comfortable erotic beads. Your girl will be immensely thankful for using an erotic accessory during oral intercourse and she’ll exhibit this with deep moans of satisfaction and she’ll reward you with a powerful orgasm. During the oral gratification itself, push the beads into the vagina one after the other and pull on the cord slightly. If you don’t feel like buying the beads, you can simply add your fingers to your tongue. Double gratification means double the pleasure.

A vagina is not for chewing
Men who have hairier faces should be a bit more careful concerning your beards when you’re facing a freshly shaved female crotch. One of the most unpleasant things during oral intercourse is rubbing with a beard and moustaches which are a few days old. This can quickly have unpleasant and burning effects on the skin of the vagina. The rubbing can gradually become unpleasant for the clitoris as well, as we get the feeling that you’re working on us with rough paper, instead of the tongue and gentle lips. Be careful when using teeth as well. This is definitely recommendable when biting food, but not for biting an erected clitoris. The vagina is definitely not meant to be chewed, but to be licked with commitment. 

Let us fantasize
Women like to fantasize and dream during oral intercourse. When you see the eyes are closed and we’re absentminded, this certainly doesn’t mean that we’re thinking of other men, so there’s no need to interrupt our fantasies by asking questions. Some women think about a hot sexual scene experienced with you, others fantasize about something that definitely involves you and some women think of a scene they recently saw in a porn movie. So, nothing unusual is happening and we’re not being promiscuous in our thoughts. We’re just immensely enjoying what you’re giving us at that moment.


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