Thursday, December 8, 2011

Do you want to know why we use lubricants before sex?

Do you use lubricants just because you do not want to waste time with foreplay?

Who is meant to use lubricants?
At first lubricants were mainly used for medicinal purposes, meaning they were used by women in menopause, by breastfeeding women and women recovering from cancer, i.e. women who had problems with lubrication. Then gays started using them in anal intercourse and they also proved useful for lesbians in reducing friction. 

Who uses lubricants?
Demand has increased markedly. Of course, supply has responded accordingly. Today people spend a lot of money on lubricants – 1.32 billion dollars to be precise. This figure makes you think that all women are unable to become moist and lubricated. It is true that we live in the time when the number of older people is getting increasingly higher, but it is seems that lubricants are not only used by women in menopause.

Many people attribute this to the fact that more and more women take pills for depression, which also affect women by reducing their sufficient natural lubrication. Or people simply don`t have enough time for intercourse any more, and we use lubricants because women are unable to become naturally moist since this requires time.

What are the consequences of lubricant misuse?
It is very important that women try to become moist by themselves, naturally. The damage caused if we use lubricants unreasonably has a double effect. Besides contributing to the production of unnecessary waste, you also put your health at risk because some lubricants are very dangerous – even cancerous, not to mention the effect they have on sperm and fertility. There is probably no need to place special emphasis on how the fact that we use lubricants may affect the quality of our sex life. 

Some recent studies conducted by the National Institute of Oncology in the US show a slightly different picture. However, caution is needed. The easier and faster way is not always the best one. Not only in terms of health but also pleasure. Do not leave everything to the fact that you use lubricants. It is far better if you warm her up.


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