Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monogamy or polygamy: Communities of free love and harems

Monogamy or polygamy? Could you resist the temptation of having sexual intercourse with everybody? Is all that glitters truly gold?

A look into the past, and the actual state of the societies in which polygamy is permitted, show that human emotions and nature are above the primary satisfaction of needs. Relations in polygamous relationships are therefore full of jealousy, rivalry as well as hidden hatred in most cases.

Polygamy, i.e. free sex, has always been the idea of some people. The best known communities of free love existed in the 1960s and 1970s. Despite prudent management and the best intentions the communities were destroyed soon after they were established.

The polygamous Oneido community
It was established in New York in 1840, and it is considered one of the most successful polygamous communities. The name Oneido was taken after a palace where it was located. The leader of the community was a religious fanatic who had a very active sexual life. As the leader, he was the first and key person in choosing women for him. Naturally, other members of the community did not agree with that and they kept their relations with the women he liked a secret. Soon a revolt broke out. Disagreement with the orders of the fanatic leader reached its peak in 1870 when he lost his throne, and the community was destroyed as well.

The dream of every man is to spend at least one day in a harem and enjoy all the pleasures that it offers. The idea is not so bad if it truly is only for a day and it excludes all the duties a harem involves. Namely, all the women had to be provided for financially and their desires had to be satisfied. Thus, whatever one of them had, the other wanted it too and so on.

The grand seraglio of the Turkish sultans
The biggest and cruelest harem of all time, which was a source of constant intrigues and crime, was the grand seraglio of the Turkish sultans. The appearance and the whole idea of a harem – i.e. providing sexual pleasure, were maintained with severe terror. Women who would not fulfil their duties were thrown into the Bosphorus Strait.

It is a well-known that the entire harem was murdered by throwing 300 women into the sea only because the sultan wanted to replace his staff. There were numerous conflicts between women in the harem and even murders were not rare. 
Older women fought for the dominance over the younger ones, and they used all the possible means to achieve their goals. They constantly staged orgies for the sultan and stuffed him with lots of food hoping that he would not remarry and they would not have to face competition


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