Thursday, November 3, 2011

How about sex on a swing!

Sex swing is exclusively for people who like to feel free during intercourse, like to surrender to their own playfulness and have no reservations.

Make your sex more fun with a swing
Do you like to swing? Do you like to have sex? Why not combine the two and have highly relaxing and naughty sexual intercourse, which will undoubtedly take both of you to a sensual orgasm. The sex swing is for couples who have no reservations about trying out new things in the field of sexuality. The sex swing naturally requires space, but the pleasure it will give you is priceless. You can both swing on it, or just you, dear ladies. Women who are a bit more daring will also get their partner onto the sex swing.

Swing together
Sex swing is constructed in this way: It has the bands to sit on or lean on and two rings for the legs. You can grip it at the top. So if you decide to swing together, the man should sit on the lower band, while the woman sits in his lap and leans on the higher band with her back. It’s best if women put their legs in the rings, so that it’s easier for them to move their hips during intercourse because the rings will give them support.

Only she on the swing
The sex swing enables ideal placement and quite a few sexual positions. For sexual intercourse in the so-called doggy position, the woman can lean over the higher band and lean against the floor or a table with her hands and lifts her bottom nicely. Sexual intercourse from behind is also possible if the woman sits on the higher band. Anal intercourse can also be performed in this way. Dear men, you can also place the woman on her back on the sex swing. While she lies comfortably with her legs spread, you can swing her to unforgettable pleasures. In order for your girl to have the feeling she’s floating during intercourse, she can lean over the band, use the rings for her arms, while you lift her legs during intercourse from behind, so that she’s not touching the floor with them.

He on the swing
Dear ladies, you can take charge on the sex swing as well and set the pace of the game. Your partner should get comfortable on the sex swing, while you ride him and literally lift and lower yourself on his penis.

Things you couldn’t do before
Because your partner’s body is lifted off the ground on the sex swing, you can use it to do things you couldn’t do on the bed (or somewhere else) or you found them difficult. If you enjoy anilingus, you will be able to give your girl double pleasure on the sex swing. Use a vibrator for her vagina, while you stimulate her anus with your tongue without obstruction. If you are having intercourse from behind, you can now easily stimulate her clitoris with your fingers and massage her breasts.

Only for daring couples
There are many men in the world who like to have their anus stimulated during intercourse. Some want to be stimulated with fingers, others with the tongue and some even want penetration with a vibrator or a Opens internal link in current windowstrap-on. If your imagination knows no boundaries in sexual matters and you’re without reservations, the sex swing can help you fulfill such desires. The man should get on the sex swing and you bravely put a strap-on on and pleasure him like never before. If you’re doing it from behind, you’ll now also be able to stimulate and massage his penis at the same time.

Would you care for two?
If you like spicing up your sexual adventures with an additional lover, then the sex swing is perfect for you. It can help you to have fellatio and intercourse simultaneously in any position. Truly playful and naughty women will enjoy it when the two lovers spin her and twist her from one person to the other. 


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