Saturday, November 5, 2011

Five questions you have to ask her on the first date

Have you ever suddenly froze and became speechless on your first date? Learn about questions and topics you can fall back on in such moments.

First dates are often clumsy and awkward: a supposedly romantic atmosphere evaporates as soon as you run out of words and find yourself sitting at the restaurant table, staring at your glass of wine and not knowing what to say next. We are offering you a choice of questions which can impress her and earn you another date. Besides, through her answers you may learn something interesting about her at the same time.

Shall we try a portion of snails together?
When dining out on your first date, you can always ask her if she wants to try an unusual, or even exotic dish. Her answer will reveal to you how open-minded she is and whether she is afraid of taking risks or not.

What would you do if you had a million dollars?
Her answer to this question will probably tell you what her interests, hobbies and dreams are. If she opts for a luxurious villa or an expensive yacht, she is most likely a material girl who is looking for a guy that really has a million. If her answer is a story about how she’s always wanted to set off on a back-packing journey around the world, you`re definitely dealing with an adventurous girl. If she`d be prepared to give (at least a share of) the sum to charity, you`ll know she is a true altruist (hopefully not pretending). 

What`s the worst thing you`ve ever done?
This question will give you occasion for anecdote telling which is not only fun but also reveals the teller`s set of values and opinions s/he holds. If the worst thing she has ever done was stealing a chewing gum in her childhood, you probably met a girl with very high moral standards. 

Which city would you move to without a second thought?
Depending on her answer you will learn whether she is a true city girl in high heels or a future suburb mother with a pram. If she starts speaking about bustling world capitals, she must be fond of urban life and everything that goes with it, from arts and architecture to wild night life. If she mentions a suburban home with a huge garden, large family and pets probably come first in her plans for the future.

How does it feel to be … a doctor/a teacher/…?
You will learn whether she loves her job and profession passionately or whether she is doing it only to earn enough money to make ends meet. And what`s more, you might get an insight into her future, her ambitions, her goals and how she plans to reach them. 

The facts about her that you want to find out are of course not the only purpose of asking questions and engaging her in conversation. If you want to make a good impression on the first date, you will have to show her that you are interested in everything she is and does, and of course, that you are a good listener. If you listen to her attentively and respond to what she says (properly), she will definitely come under your spell!


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