Thursday, November 3, 2011

Akashdeep exposes Mahek’s past

The ‘Bigg Boss’ house is not usually known for peace and tranquility, but the last episode has left all stunned with the sheer magnitude of hostility among the inmates.

Looks like the newest entrant Akashdeep Sehgal aka Sky Walkr has lived up to the show’s expectations of putting a great show for the viewers. In the recent episode, Sky verbally assaulted co-inmate Mahek Chahal.

Apparently, Sky overheard what Mahek had to say about his personality to the other housemates. Initially, he tried to confront Mahek about what she was saying, but when she did not show much interest in talking to him, the fight took an ugly turn and an enraged Sky started pulling out the skeletons from Mahek`s closet.

He alleged that he has seen Mahek Chahal scratching people with her nails in front of his eyes and exploded her character like a mad man.

Akashdeep blurted things like, “Maine tujhe logon ko nauchte hue dekha hai.” Shouting at her, he questioned, “Balbir ko jaanti hai ke nahin?” Threatening her saying, “Aage bataaon?”.

Unable to take on Sky’s assault, Mahek Chahal started screaming and eventually bursted into tears. Everybody was stunned with Akashdeep Sehgal’s outrageous behaviour. 


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