Thursday, October 6, 2011

What you should do to make her feel in complete bliss

During foreplay and sex, devote your attention to the only part of the body intended solely for pleasure.

Start slowly and gently

When you’re near her genitals, it’s best that you start with the inner side of her thighs, her mons veneris and the entrance to her vagina. Imagine that you’re travelling in concentric circles of increasingly greater pleasure and passion. When you finally reach her clitoris, her sexual energy and arousal are at its pinnacle. Women like different kinds of stimulation, so you have to become an expert for her desires. First, caress her bottom part and the area around her clitoris. Then, move to the prepuce and rotate her clitoris between your thumb and index finger – be gentle! Only then you can move to the clitoris. How you caress and fondle her is much more important than where you caress and fondle her. Evenly caress her or move your finger in circular motion, but don’t be too fast or too slow. Avoid any firm moves. The sensitivity of the clitoris is much more concentrated than the sensitivity of the penis, and focused and subtle movements are therefore more appropriate. Experiment with different kinds of touching and change the pressure. If your partner likes what you’re doing, she’ll push her genitals towards you and thus indicate that she wants more stimulation. Sighs, moaning sounds, muscle twitching, bending of toes and sweating, as well as smiling and other facial expressions are signs indicating that she likes your performance. If you fondle her too strongly and she feels unpleasant, she’ll withdraw a little bit. At that point, you reduce the pressure or try fondling her in a different way.

Coordinate thrusting and touching

The clitoris anatomically fits the head of the penis (glans), which is the most sensitive body part of most men. Although a woman can achieve an orgasm without clitoral stimulation just as a man can achieve an orgasm without touching his glans penis, it usually takes a little bit longer. It’s therefore no wonder that many women simply can’t achieve an orgasm in the missionary position because their clitoris is indirectly stimulated. Sometimes a man’s pubic bone presses against the clitoris, or the foreskin rubs against the clitoris during sexual intercourse, but that can’t be considered as direct stimulation with fingers. That’s why you have to forget the unfounded prejudices that use of hands to stimulate the clitoris during sex is unnatural and too mechanical, or that only weaklings use fingers. Men who aren’t used to using their hands during sexual intercourse will probably need some time to coordinate their grasps and thrusts. But if you’re able to walk and chew at the same time, you can also thrust and fondle. Your coordination will gradually improve, especially if you`ll slightly slow down your thrusts and focus on every thrust and every touch. Nevertheless, don’t devote too much attention to her clitoris because you’ll lose touch with lovemaking. You also have to devote attention to your hands, otherwise caressing can become mechanical, too rough, unpleasant and even painful.

A woman can also help herself

If your partner is willing to touch her clitoris, it’s even better for you. A woman can help a man by leading his hand where she wants to be touched or even pressing his fingers on her clitoris with her fingers, which will show him where and how strong he should stimulate her. Some men have the feeling that their partners exploit them for masturbation if they touch their clitoris themselves and thus achieve an orgasm. Such a response is understandable if a man is convinced that a woman’s orgasm is his duty and right. These men have to be aware that they can’t give an orgasm to a woman because it occurs in her mind and body. It’s more realistic to think that men can help women realise their own orgasmic potential. 


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