Monday, October 31, 2011

Seven methods to treat impotence!

Besides the pill, there are also other ways to treat impotence. Find out which are they in the article!

Method to treat impotence 1: Pills 
Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are pills that treat erectile dysfunction so as to relax corpus spongiosum in the penis, that is, the muscle of the penis, which enables better blood flow into the sex organ. The most popular pill is, of course, Viagra, but all the aforementioned drugs aren’t advised to men with heart and vascular diseases and those who have high blood pressure. Viagra starts working after 15 minutes and Cialis starts working after half an hour. The former promises results that will last three to eight hours, whereas the effects of the latter last longer. Cialis works 36 hours so that a user doesn’t directly depend on the time in which he takes the pill. He can wait for the right moment a day and a half. With the help of the pills men can also experience a stronger erection because the increased blood flow prevents blood to flow out of the penis too quickly. In principle, the pills are safe to use, but they have certain side effects, such as headache, slightly blocked sinuses, digestive system problems and irritated stomach mucosa, and excessive use can have an effect on sight. It isn’t advisable to take painkillers for chest pain and recreational drugs at the same time because their combination can seriously affect the functioning of the heart. Drugs for erectile dysfunction shouldn’t be purchased via the Internet, but solely in pharmacies.

Method to treat impotence 2: Injections
If you’re trying to resolve erection problems with oral stimulation and it’s ineffective, your doctor might suggest you to undergo injection treatment. In that case, the drug is administered with the help of an injection through the base of your penis or the side of your penis, where the drug reaches the urethra. There the drug called Alprostadil will have the same effect as the aforementioned pills. Your doctor will give you instructions on how to use injections at home. The effects of this slightly unpleasant method are evident after ten minutes.

Method to treat impotence 3: Suppositories
Men who are afraid of injections or have any other such fear can use suppositories for the penis that also contain the drug Alprostadil for treating erectile dysfunction. A thin suppository is inserted into the penis, more precisely into the urethra, where it starts working. Men who use injections and suppositories often complain that as a result of this method of reaching an erection they often lose spontaneity in sexual intercourse. Therefore, you have to step aside and prepare in the most passionate moment.

Method to treat impotence 4: Erection pumps
Penis pumps are available in every erotic shop at very reasonable prices. Although they are often laughed at in films, they can be very effective. They work so as to increase blood flow into the penis, which enables a greater and stronger erection. If you want to retain an erection for a longer time after removing a pump, it’s recommended that you use erection rings for the penis, which are also available in shops with erotic accessories. They prevent blood to flow out of the penis too quickly, but you shouldn’t wear them more than 30 minutes. If you feel numbness or pain, or have a cold penis, the ring should be removed immediately.

Method to treat impotence 5: Implants
In modern medicine, high-quality and effective implants for the penis have been developed. They are divided into the inflatable prosthesis and the semi-rigid malleable prosthesis. In the case of the former, cylinders are placed in the erectile places in the penis. They are inflated with the help of a hydraulic pump placed within the scrotum. The semi-rigid malleable prosthesis is slightly less flexible. It consists of a malleable core that is formed in the rigid or flaccid state of the penis by hand.

Method to treat impotence 6: Surgery
The operation of the vessels of the penis can also be taken into consideration, but this type of procedure is rarely performed and presents the last and extreme option to treat erectile dysfunction. The reason for a small number of operations is a lack of surgeons that would perform such a procedure and a low rate of success, which is less than 1 per cent in men with problems related to achieving an erection.


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