Sunday, October 9, 2011

Moore spoke fondly of Kutcher two days after his anniversary ‘sex romp’

Demi Moore is said to have spoken fondly of her husband Ashton Kutcher merely two days after the couple spent their wedding anniversary on different US coasts.

During a TV appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ on 26th September, the 48-year-old actress showed no signs of marriage troubles, instead smiled and revealed how the two sent each other floral bouquets to celebrate their new career milestones, the Daily Express reported.

Amid all the rumours of infidelity on the part of Kutcher, Moore revealed that she sent her husband an orchid to congratulate him on his successful ‘Two and a Half Men’ premiere, whereas the 33-year-old actor had a pink bouquet delivered to his wife with a mote reading “I believe in you” as she began shooting ‘Five’.

The couple has kept eerily silent about the state of their marriage, 10 days after news broke of the ‘A Lot Like Love’ star’s fling with a blonde named Sara Leal. 


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