Sunday, October 9, 2011

Get to know about the benefits of sexual intercourse

Everything you need to know about positive effects of sexual intercourse on your health, appearance and general well-being.

Sexual life is the focus of attention of many scientists who have reached numerous more or less applicable findings on the basis of long-lasting research. The undisputed fact is that sexual intercourse is healthy! Regular sexual intercourse reduces the chances of having a heart attack, strengthens muscles and improves blood circulation. At the same time, sexual intercourse works as an analgesic and antidepressant, reduces stress and has a positive effect on your appearance and general well-being.

If you have sexual intercourse often, you will live longer
American scientists at the Mayo Clinic achieved interesting results. Given their findings, sexual intercourse can prolong life for ten or even twenty years. It has been proven that sexually less active people die earlier, which was also confirmed by another study. Among people of similar age and health state, those who had more frequent orgasms are supposed to be twice less likely to die early than those who only had orgasms every leap year. A person who has at least a hundred orgasms a year can expect to prolong his or her life up to eight years and reduce the mortality rate by half.

Sexual pain relieves pain, stress and depression
During sexual intercourse, substantial quantities of endorphins, the happy hormones that reduce stress and create the feelings of euphoria, are rapidly released by your brain. Just before the climax, levels of the hormone oxytocin are increased by five times and the result is the release of incredible quantities of endorphins alleviating the pain caused by headaches, arthritis, migraines, etc. A migraine is also alleviated because pressure in the head is decreased during sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse also strengthens the bond between the partners and has a positive effect on self-confidence, positive thinking and optimism. A study even proved that sperm works as an antidepressant and another study concluded that women who have sexual intercourse without using condoms show fewer signs of depression than those who use protection. It’s an interesting fact that sexual intercourse affects the feeling of happiness more than money. People who have a more exciting sexual life are also supposed to sleep better.

Sexual intercourse makes you stronger, more beautiful and more attractive
Similar to sport or labor, sexual intercourse is a physical activity during which you use lots of energy. You can burn up to 400 calories during single sexual intercourse, which can be compared with a half an hour run on a treadmill. In addition, sexual intercourse strengthens the muscles of your buttocks, pelvis, thighs and abdomen. So, next time go to bed instead of a fitness studio. During sexual intercourse, the female body produces twice as much estrogen, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen, than normally. As a result, your hair is shining and your skin is soft. At the same time, sexual activity causes the release of large quantities of pheromones that subconsciously attract the opposite sex. Moreover, sexual intercourse also has a beneficial effect on your subconscious, making you more attractive.

Sexual intercourse strengthens your heart and immune system
The heart rate increases rapidly during sexual intercourse; it can rise from 70 heart beats per minute up to 150 heart beats. Sexual intercourse is therefore a great cardio workout. If you have sexual intercourse at least three times a week, you will reduce the chances of having a heart attack by 50%. Sexual intercourse also causes heavy and fast breathing, thus enriching the blood in your body with oxygen. The more frequent you have intercourse, the less prone you are to a cold, flu and other infections because having intercourse a few times a week contributes to elevated levels of your immunoglobulin antibodies that strengthen your immune resistance up to 30%. Sexual activity also contributes to higher levels of estrogen and testosterone. In women, estrogen protects the heart and reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis in the long term. In men, the hormone testosterone stimulates the growth of bones and muscle mass.


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