Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feel free to fantasize about having sex with your next-door neighbour!

Don`t be ashamed of your sexual fantasies. Enjoy them and explore them.

Sexual fantasies are a common and healthy way to explore one`s sexuality and also help one get aroused. Fantasies are the perfect opportunity to experience our wildest and most secret sexual desires in the safety of our own imagination. They are a form of sexual exercise, hidden from the eyes and ears of unwanted, nosy people. Nevertheless, many people are still afraid and ashamed of having them.

What gives sexual fantasies a negative connotation? Some think of fantasies as "dirty" thoughts they shouldn`t have if they were normal. But in fact, nothing is more normal than fantasizing about sex.

Fantasies also make people feel guilty as though they were betraying or even cheating on their partners by having them. Because of this misplaced guilt, there may even occur relationship problems.

Sex in our heads

Experts agree that sexual fantasies shouldn`t make people feel bad. They actually claim people should enjoy them, surrender to them, explore them and, most importantly, they should finally realize that the brains are the most important sexual organ. Brains are the ones that regulate our emotions and the ones to decide whether we will get aroused. We shouldn`t forget that all sexual iniciative comes from the brain. Fantasies can be a perfect basis for sexual arousal.
Fantasies are a form of daydreaming, which we can control, direct and surrender to as much as we want. Besides, they are also completely safe, free and hurt no-one. If we fantasize about something, that doesn`t mean we will actually do it.
The truth about fantasies is that most individuals would run if there was a chance of their fantasies coming true. So venture on a wonderful journey into the fantasy land of sexuality and let fantasies refresh your real sex life as well.

Fantasies are one of the rare completely private affairs of each individual. Embrace them and use them as a privilege.


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