Friday, October 7, 2011

Check out women’s extreme fantasies!

Some women’s fantasies are much wilder than fantasizing about sex in an elevator.

Fantasizing about a return to childhood
Regression refers to a return to a particular period of childhood. In general, regression is a return, which means that people behave as if they were children aged between 2 and 6. Tendencies to regression can be evident when partners enjoy chatting, as if communicating to each other in the manner of small children (my baby, honey, precious, kitty, sweet child, etc.). Regression offers the feelings of pleasure if your partner dominates in a way that makes you a child and if he or she takes care of you in a strong role of a father or mother.

After a long period, the feelings of pleasure in situations where your partner dominates and you imagine to be a child can stir a desire that you also become a child in sex life. Would you like your partner to wear children’s clothes, masturbate in front of other people and cry and pass urine?

Exhibitionist fantasies
Any kind of flashing in public can be classified as exhibitionism (even in front of one person). Viewers often don’t participate actively - for instance, a woman who takes a shower with very young men and enjoys showing her body in front of an innocent person. These fantasies are often difficult to realize because an audience is needed. There are two solutions: either you “improvise” in front of your friends and neighbours, find work in one of the places where such activities are completely normal, or ask your partner to act as the necessary audience.

Having sex with an animal

These are all the fantasies relating to the attraction to animals, particularly dogs, apes, goats and horses. It’s widespread among women - for instance, licking of a woman by a dog or caressing a dog with the purpose of arousing it.

Having sex with a relative
In this fantasy, people try to establish a good relationship with their partner that is similar to the mother-son or father-daughter relationship. For instance, relationships with women who can play the role of a mother, which creates an illusion that they replace the real mother. On the other hand, an older woman in a relationship with a younger and smaller partner can get the impression that she has sex with her own son.

The same situation occurs when a woman tries to identify her father in her partner either because of age or height (this desire is often unconscious). People who have insistent fantasies about incest will demand from their partner to act in scenes which remind them of childhood.


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