Sunday, June 5, 2011

Deepika: Booked and fit!


She joins the bandwagon of actors promoting fitness books or DVDs

Star value works for everything, from ads to box office collections. Now publishers seem to be jumping on to the celebrity bandwagon, getting Bollywood stars to endorse all sorts of books, whether they had a part in the actual writing process or no. And staying in shape seems to be the route most of them take – at least, the biggest of the B-town biggies do. Kareena did her bit with Rujuta Diwekar’s fitness book, Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight, talking about how she moved from pretty to smoking hot, with a Size Zero body gained by not starving, but by eating sensibly and working out, or so she said. Shahrukh Khan wrote the foreward to Anupama Chopra’s new book, First Day First Show, saying that ‘It is a portrait of the industry with all its contradictions and instability’. And now Deepika Padukone promotes Namita Jain’s book, Figure it Out: The Ultimate Guide to Teen Fitness, saying that ‘For a ‘wow’ body that you will love, follow the essential fitness tips in this book.’ And if that ‘wow’ is anything like Deepika’s own figure, with its endless legs and flatter-than-flat middle, we can just see the crowds clamouring for copies of this one!


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