Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Choosy women are only satisfied with the best of the best

There is a difference when women talk about a man whom they want to marry and when they only want a `quickie` with. Read about choosy women.

Blame evolution for choosy women

Men and women are not so different when it comes to the things we want from a long-term relationship. But when we decide on quick romances, short-term relationship, one-night stands etc. women can be quite unpredictable and complex. Women, no matter how horny or dissolute, subconsciously (despite the conscious decision that it is only a one-nighter) choose a partner as the future father of their children. And if they see just a bit of kindness and love in a man, they will rather choose that man over a ‘latino lover’ at the other end of a bar, despite three glasses of wine.

Choosy women are cold. Just as these cold hard facts

Let me supply some facts as well. Two studies, conducted by social psychologist Douglas Kenrick and development psychologist David Buss, have shown the difference between men’s choice of partners, and women’s choices. Kenrick selected the positive characteristics of a person, such as kindness, attractiveness, financial stability and intelligence. Both sexes had to choose among the these characteristics that would have them engage in a long-term relationship with the opposite sex, short-term relationship or dating, one-night stand, org marriage. Of course, it turned out that women are more particular than men. The most interesting fact, however, is that the women surveyed became most particular in case of one-night stand. Mmmm... Obviously, we will never get an answer to the question what really convinces these choosy women that a man is the right one.

Buss carried out similar research, only he highlighted the negative characteristics, such as boredom, dishonesty, drinking, bisexuality, lack of education and unpopularity. Women and men had to classify these characteristics from the least to the most popular for a one-night stand and for a person suitable to marry. Women were much choosier rigorous in terms of these characteristics, compared to men. They would not get married to a person who has the aforementioned characteristics, nor would they go on a date with such a person.


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